Mission and Values

Mission and values

The basis for our success is captured in the five core values and our mission statement. They are fairly simple concepts that sometimes seem to be more or less obvious. The combination of these key elements, however, is far from obvious.


Increase animal productivity to help feed the world and enhance the enjoyment of green spaces


Cows foraging in a pasture of grass“Quality is in our genes. It is just the start.”


Today’s highly demanding world makes the need for quality obvious. That is why we focus exclusively on the very best. But don't just take our word for it, we are happy to let the figures speak for themselves. Our brand name stands out in the recommended variety lists across the world. So it is not surprising that Barenbrug products are used and recommended so often. From livestock farmers to park and garden managers. From golf course and sports field owners to football championship organizers throughout the world, everyone is convinced of our exceptional high quality. Barenbrug never goes for anything less than gold, just like the top sportsmen who rely on our grass pitches.



Royal Honour

Our work was “crowned” in 2004, when Barenbrug celebrated its one hundredth anniversary and received the designation Royal from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands for the unique and leading position that the company had built up over the preceding century. Since then, we have been recognized as The Royal Barenbrug Group.



“Added value for the end user means added value for our partners.”


Our company would never have become as big as it is without strategic alliances with partners in R&D, grass seed production and sales & marketing. We have built on our passion for grass together.


  • Throughout the world, we work with developers, universities and institutes to get the very best out of genetics and seed technologies.
  • We offer a stable and reliable source of income for the best grass seed producers in the world, through long-term relationships that are based on mutual trust.
  • In more than 90 countries, we cooperate with local professionals in service, marketing and sales, aiming to provide the best applications of top-quality products for the customers.


Our grass seed production has an international spread so that we can achieve the best price-topquality ratios and can minimize risks.


  • Some 9,000 seed growers. • Producing a total of 75,000 tons of grass seed annually in more than 400 varieties.
  • Exchanging knowledge with international colleagues within the global Barenbrug network.





“You don’t become Great in Grass overnight.”

We’re a major player in our sector, and we’re very proud of that. But size is not everything. The title of this brochure and our company’s five core values tell the whole story. We have the same interests as our partners: a shared passion to get the best out of grass.


Top-quality grass seed allows us to make a forward-thinking contribution to grass-producing fields, yielding the very best quality milk and meat. We create sustainable sports fields and golf courses with perfect playing surfaces, never taking our eye off the ball: reduction of both CO2 emissions and the consumption of precious water resources. The Barenbrug brand is where these aspects come together, plus the passion we have for the subject and the way we communicate it. Our customers know this, our partners know it too. We work together with this one vision in mind.



A century of cultivating the brand name has borne fruit. Barenbrug is a name that is recognized and trusted when it comes to grass seed throughout the world.

  • We have built up our image of innovation and quality very carefully.
  • Our strong brand is continually attracting new partners who share our vision.
  • The exceptional performance our brand has achieved over the past century has entitled us to use the designation Royal.
  • Along with our partners, we embody our slogan: Passion for Grass.


“How can we find a sustainable way of contributing to feeding nine billion people, the number that will have to be met by 2050?”


The knowledge that the world’s population will grow to nine billion within a few decades puts a heavy responsibility on any company that is involved – be it directly or indirectly – in food production, water consumption and CO2 emissions. It is a responsibility that we will not evade; instead, we will respond to this demand and make a significant contribution. We do not see innovation as a green “gloss” that we are putting on the mission statement. Instead, it is one of the things that keep us afloat. It has become fundamental to everything we do.



The solution that grass species offer for global problems, both now and in the future, is greater than you might think. The right genetics and the right technology allow us to make a significant contribution to improving public health in general, through the best dairy and meat products and reductions in global CO2 emissions. More directly, we improve farmers’ productivity by reducing the consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides. This is our contribution to a better world for the generations that will follow us.




Using the available agricultural land and our scarce resources responsibly requires greater efficiency in meat and dairy production. Innovation is a major driving force for Barenbrug, as can be seen from the improvements that we are continuously introducing.

  • Grasses that need fewer resources to grow, cutting down on the consumption of scarce and precious water.
  • We are continuously improving our grass varieties, so that they can contribute to the health and productivity of grazing cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock.
  • We apply new genetics and new technologies, making our grasses more resistant to diseases and better able to withstand very low or very high temperatures.
  • Coating certain seeds allows for accelerated germination and initial growth of the young grass plants.


Our technology is applied at eight coating plants throughout the world.


“Our first international publication in the United States was titled ‘Money in Grasses’. It dates back to 1910. A century later, that claim rings more true than ever.”


A lot of time has gone by since that very first international publication. Over that hundred-year period, we managed to exceed even our most ambitious objectives, including access to the world grass seed market, with the best partners in R&D, seed production and sales & marketing. We have great confidence in the excellent research that is carried out within our international network of subsidiaries and research facilities in all the important climatic zones.


Think global, act local

We are certainly one of the most innovative companies in our field. Because we exchange knowledge and new ideas throughout the world, we can offer tailored solutions in highly specific, localized cases. This means not only that we are the best partner for our customers, but also that we can offer a challenging platform for partners in technological developments, in existing markets as well as in developing regions.


“Our first international publication in the United States was titled ‘Money in Grasses’. It dates back to 1910. A century later, that claim rings more true than ever.”