Extending your grazing season can be achieved through the following steps:
  • Establish and manage highly productive, modern fescue pastures with products like BarOptima PLUS E34®.


  • Apply management practices to produce narrow calving periods that are best aligned to your environment.


  • Learn to manage stockpile fescue: Stockpiled fescue is fall growth that is allowed to accumulate for grazing later in the fall and winter. (This purposeful stockpiling of forage for grazing at a later time is a new concept for many livestock producers, but extending the grazing season by using stockpiled fescue in late autumn and during the winter months has repeatedly been shown to be an effective way to maintain livestock profitability.)


  • Utilize Pinpoint products to fill gaps:
    • Plant Moxie teff grass (for hay) or Mojo crabgrass (for pasture) in late spring for summer production. (ready for first cutting or grazing 6 weeks after planting)


    • Plant Barkant turnip (for single grazing) or T-Raptor hybrid brassica and Barsica rape (for multiple grazing) in late summer for late fall and early winter grazing (ready 6 to 8 weeks after planting).