Kicking Clods with Rick Freston: Pinpoint

With fall here and cooler and wet weather not far behind, we need to start thinking about the status of our available forages and where we are going to be feed wise throughout the Fall and going into Winter. As livestock producers, we all too well understand the longer we can keep from having to start feeding hay the better chance we have at making the year profitable. If we had to feed our mother cows hay 365 days a year, most of us wouldn’t be in the cow calf business very long. Let’s look at our options to stay away from the hay stack as long as possible.


University studies have shown that a combination of cool season and warm season species will allow us to graze more days than we had previously thought possible. Depending on temperatures for your area, it is quite possible to get more grazing days by adding just a few additional species to your existing pastures.


We need to first understand that all species of plants prefer either cool or warm weather. Examples of this would be ryegrass, a cool season grass, or teff, a warm season grass. All species fall into these categories and should be utilized accordingly.


With such a wide availability there are forages that many of us might not be aware of. Many operations could increase their grazing days and stay out of the haystack longer by examining some different options. One alternative would be Barkant turnips. Seed them early-to-mid summer and they will be ready to graze in approx. 60 days and will last well into the winter. Other similar examples would be T-Raptor, which is a turnip/brassica hybrid, or Barsica, which is a brassica. These are just three examples of alternatives that compliment grasses or can be used as stand-alone components. Whether you prefer a mixed stand or straight grasses Barenbrug has the seeds and the system to get you maximum grazing days.


Barenbrug USA has developed Pinpoint Forage Delivery System to keep your cows grazing longer. Wherever you are throughout the USA, we have the seeds and expertise to “Pinpoint” your exact needs for whatever the season. Visit to learn how we can help you stay out of the haystack longer.


Rick Freston