Turf Star® Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Premium Quality Perennial Ryegrass Blend

  • A blend of 3 premium perennial ryegrass varieties
  • Ideal for permanent turf: Sports turf, park and recreational, and all play areas
  • Very wear tolerant
  • Proven Fall overseeding performance of sports turf in the South, with good spring transition 
  • Broad adaptability to all areas of Perennial rye adaptation
  • Dense low-growth habit with a fine leaf texture
  • Excellent mowing quality, 1 inch to 3 inches 
  • Dark green color

    Turf Star® is a superior quality perennial ryegrass blend ideal for all sports turf and recreational fields in cool to temperate climates. Featuring dark green perennial ryegrass with strong genetics and mechanical purity, Turf Star is your grass of choice. Fast to germinate and quick establish, Turf Star is ideal for full sun applications. 

    Sports Turf

    For sports turf performance, the answer is Barenbrug USA. Around the world, from professional sports venues to your community's local fields, our ability to provide varieties with superior traffic tolerance and wear recovery is the best. Turf seed for sports turf and play: it's in our DNA! 

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