The Highly Digestible Fiber for Dairy Rations 

NutriFiber technology was developed by Barenbrug for today’s modern dairy farmer. This trait has been incorporated into forage grasses developed for on-farm production. NutriFiber provides the highly digestible effective fiber today’s cows need. NutriFiber forages are ideal components for balancing the rations of high producing dairy cows. Typically Total Mixed Ration diets that are designed for maximum milk production are high in Non Fiber Carbohydrates (starches and sugars) which can lead to Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis. 


The NutriFiber Advantage: 


Nearly 10 years of research have gone into the development of NutriFiber technology. NutriFiber has been tested and proven in university research trials and on progressive dairy farms around the world.


All fiber is NOT created equal! Unlike many fiber sources, NutriFiber is highly digestible. The Total Tract Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (TTNDFd) index developed at the University of Wisconsin permits comparisons of fiber analyses from different forages. The TTNDFd provides better predictions of milk production from fiber analysis and shows that NutriFiber forages supply higher energy due to their high fiber digestibility.


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