Supports High Milk Production

University of Wisconsin research1 has demonstrated that rations containing NutriFiber support more milk production for longer periods than a typical ration alone, or a typical ration amended with wheat straw to “balance” for Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF). The rations were formulated to support  high milk production. One treatment included 3 lb of wheat straw per cow per day, while another included sufficient NutriFiber silage to provide an equivalent amount of NDF as the wheat straw.


After three months, cows on the NutriFiber-supplemented diet were still producing almost 100 lb of 3.5% Fat Corrected Milk (FCM) per head per day. Cows on both the wheat straw treatment and the control rations had declined in production during the same period. By the end of the study, cows on the wheat straw amended rations were producing approximately 30 lb 3.5% FCM less per day than cows on the ration containing NutriFiber!


  1. Partial Replacement of Corn Silage/Alfalfa with BARIANE Tall Fescue Silage (TF) and PRADEL Meadow Fescue Silage (MF) or Wheat Straw (WS). Verbeten and Combs 2010