• Exceptionally strong cold tolerance
  • Low seedhead development
  • Top-rated NTEP turf performance
  • Low water use / Heat tolerant
  • Very good traffic tolerance
  • Very good recovery from damage
  • Tolerates fairway mowing heights 
  • Riviera bermudagrass is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast 'SuperCharged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded

    Riviera elite seeded bermudagrass features uncommonly strong bermuda winter hardiness and superior overall turf quality. Developed by the Oklahoma State University Turfgrass Development team, Riviera was specifically developed for top rated turf performance in the turfgrass transition zone. This area of adaptation includes all areas of traditional bermudagrass use including the northern areas of the transition zone. In the spring, Riviera is the first to green-up and provides exceptionally strong heat and drought tolerance during the summer months. Riviera is well suited for all bermudagrass  uses including home and commercial lawns, sports turf, and golf.


    For ease of planting and superior germination and establishment, RIviera also feature's Barenbrug's proprietary Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating. Yellow Jacket utilizes superabsorbant technology to produce a coating that can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water. The results provide fast, uniform germination and early growth, with reduced water requirements during early establishment.