Bridgeport II

Chewings Fescue
  • Excellent seedling vigor with quick establishment
  • Exceptional density 
  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Ideal in mixes with Kentucky blue, Perennial ryegrass, and other fine fescues
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    Barok Sheep Fescue

    Fine Fescue
    • Unique blue-green color
    • Drought and stress tolerant
    • Strong heat tolerance
    • Low maintenance requirements 
    • Ideal for naturalized areas
    • Excellent with wildflower mixtures
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      Barcrown II Slender

      Creeping Red Fescue


      • Medium-dark green color with fine leaves
      • Forms a very dense turf 
      • Very quick green-up in the spring
      • Excellent for shaded areas
      • Ideal in moderate, temperate climates
      • Mixes well with other fine fescue species
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        Hardtop Hard

        Fine Fescue
        • A strong performing hard fescue
        • Medium dark green color
        • Drought and heat tolerant
        • Very low maintenance requirements
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