Pirouette II

Perennial Ryegrass

  • Medium-Dark green color with excellent turf density
  • Compact low growth for reduced clippings
  • Turf density provides excellent 'natural' weed control
  • Excellent mowing quality
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Easy transition in southern overseeding
  • Excellent overall turf quality

    Pirouette II perennial ryegrass was carefully bred to satisfy the turfgrass management professional. Low growing with excellent turf density, this perennial ryegrass features excellent mowing quality, great wear tolerance, dark green color and fine leaf texture. Pirouette II produces a thick, lush turf which helps crowd out undesirable weeds like Poa annua. It is a wonderful choice for cool season mixes and blends, providing broad adaptability and excellence in the fall over-seeding of warm season turf.