SOS® Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass

Super Over Seeding
  • Turf-type annual ryegrass blends and mixtures 
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Good disease resistance
  • Excellent turf quality 
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    Turf Star RPR®

    Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass
    • Turf Star RPR Perennial ryegrass mix 
    • Featuring the only regenerating perennial ryegrass with determinate-stolons
    • Developed specifically for traffic tolerance and recovery 
    • Features exceptionally strong summer performance, including areas of the Midwest and Mid-AtlantiC


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      Turf Star® Perennial Ryegrass Blend

      Premium Quality Perennial Ryegrass Blend
      • A blend of 3 premium perennial ryegrass varieties
      • Ideal for permanent turf: tees, driving ranges, and club grounds
      • Quick to establish providing a fine textured, dense lawn with excellent dark green color
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        Turf Saver® RTF®

        Rhizomatous Tall Fescue
        • A blend featuring the only true rhizomatous tall fescues 
        • Quick to establish and forming a deep extensive root system
        • The only self-repairing tall fescue seed blend available 
        • Saves 30% water over other cool season grasses 
        • Ideal for roughs, bunker faces, driving ranges, and low maintenance turf areas, including 'over-flow' parking
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          Dunes Mix

          Quality Mixture of Fine Fescues
          • Low growing, fine textured fine fescue mixture
          • Reduced maintenance requirements including fertilizer and mowing
          • In temperate climates, full sun to moderate shade
          • Ideal for mowed turf and unmowed naturalized areas, including extreme roughs, bunker faces, stream banks, and paired with wildflower displays


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            Water Saver® Pro Tall Fescue Blend

            High Quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend
            • Ideal in full sun and partial shade 
            • Will establish a very deep root system for reduced water requirements
            • Lower growing with excellent heat tolerance and very good traffic tolerance 
            • Excellent for driving ranges, roughs, and club grounds  


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              Turf Blue HGT®

              Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass
              • Kentucky bluegrass blends providing the best in performance for tees, fairways, near rough areas, driving ranges, and club grounds
              • Forming a uniform medium-fine textured turf with excellent density and great color 
              • Featuring Barvette HGT Kentucky bluegrass with exceptional Summer Patch resistance and tolerance to grubs and billbugs
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                Turf Blue®

                Quality Blends of Kentucky Bluegrass
                • Turf Blue Kentucky bluegrass blends provide the best in performance 
                • Extremely fast to germinate and quick to establish, Turf Blue blends provide uniform stands of turf providing competition against many common weeds
                • Forming a uniform medium-fine textured turf with excellent density and great color 
                • Ideal for fairway, rough, driving range, and club grounds
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                  Supercharged Bentgrass

                  SuperCharged Bentgrass
                  • Supercharged Bentgrasses combine top-rated bentgrass varieties with our Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating 
                  • Featuring Bengal creeping bentgrass and Replay creeping bent blend for repair and improvement
                  • Barenbrug is the exclusive purveyor of Yellow Jacket Enhanced Tee-2-Green bents in the USA
                  • Also available, Pure Seed's Penn A-1 and Penn A1/A4 blend enhanced with Yellow Jacket
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                    Creeping Bentgrass
                    • Excellent spring green-up
                    • High turf quality with strong disease resistance 
                    • Excellent in blends with other fairway bentgrasses 
                    • Excellent for fairways and tees 
                    • Only available with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating 
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                      Elite Bermudagrass

                      SuperCharged Barbados Brand
                      • Featuring an outstanding seeded Bermudagrass variety, SWI-1044 
                      • High turf quality at fairway cutting heights 
                      • Ideal for fairways, tees, driving ranges, and club landscaped facilities
                      • Only available with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating 
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                        Turf-Type Bermudagrass

                        SuperCharged PanAm & Bahama bermudagrass blends / Supercharged Riviera Bermudagrass
                        • Provides uniform density with dark green color 
                        • Panama and Bargusto provide good turf quality, fast establishment, and economy of price 
                        • Only Available with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating 
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