RTF® Sod

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

  • Self-repairing tall fescue sod, US Patent #6677507
  • Saves 30% water over comparable cool season turf grasses / Univ of New Mexico 2007 
  • Great for full sun and partially shaded areas
  • Excellent disease resistance and insect tolerance
  • Produces a thick, durable lawn with improved turf density
  • Available for sod production as a licensed product through the RTF Producers Association

    RTF® Sod is the most advanced, unique tall fescue sod blend on the market. Featuring a unique combination of high quality turf-type tall fescues and RTF varieties, RTF Sod is a problem solver.


    Providing the benefits of rhizomes not found in any other tall fescue varieties, RTF Sod has the ability to mend damaged turf and maintain both uniformity and density. Deep rooted and heat tolerant, RTF Sod provides the rhizomes while other 'spreading' varieties promise only 'potential', 'aggressive tillering', and 'maybe'.


    Ideally suited for traditional tall fescue uses, including low-impact sports turf, park and recreational turf, and those fields with limited irrigation. 


    For RTF sod needs click here to visit the RTF Producers Association website 




    Quick germination, establishment, and the ability to form a tight-knit sod are critical production keys for the professional turf producer. At Barenbrug USA our researchers stress these key traits throughout the turf breeding process. At Barenbrug USA, we know sod production well; and deliver. 


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