Turf Star® RPR®

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass
  • The only regenerating perennial ryegrass featuring determinate-stolons 
  • Developed specifically for traffic tolerance and recovery 
  • Exhibits the quick germination and fast establishment of traditional perennial ryegrass
  • Features exceptionally strong summer performance including areas of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic 


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    Turf Star®

    Premium Quality Perennial Ryegrass Blend
    • A blend of 3 premium perennial ryegrass varieties
    • Ideal for permanent turf and fall overseeding performance
    • Quick to establish with good traffic tolerance
    • Ideal for all golf, sports, and recreational turf where perennial ryegrass is used or required 
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      RTF Sod

      Rhizomatous Tall Fescue
      • Self-repairing tall fescue sod, US Patent #6677507
      • Saves 30% water over comparable cool season turf grasses 
      • Great for full sun and partially shaded areas
      • Excellent disease resistance and insect tolerance
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        Water Saver® Pro

        High Quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend
        • Ideal in full sun and partial shade 
        • With the ability to establish a very deep root system for reduced water requirements
        • Lower growing with excellent heat tolerance and very good traffic tolerance 
        • Ideal for park and recreational uses 
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          SOS ART

          Super Over Seeding with Advanced Ryegrass Technology
          • Turf-type annual ryegrass blends and mixtures  
          • Fast germination and quick establishment 
          • Economical alternative to perennial ryegrass 
          • Ideal for fairways, roughs, tees, and driving ranges 
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            Dunes Mix

            Quality Mixture of Fine Fescues
            • Preforms well in full sun to moderate shade
            • Comprised of creeping red fescue, hard fescue, and Chewings fescue
            • Low fertility / Reduced mowing
            • Ideal for mowed turf, low maintenance turf and roadsides, and unmowed naturalized areas 
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              Turf Blue® HGT®

              Turf Blue HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
              • Very quick to germinate, typically 10 days or less, followed by aggressive establishment
              • Outstanding sod performance including excellent sod sheer strength
              • Strong resistance to summer patch and other diseases
              • Exclusively licensed through Sod Solutions 
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                Turf Blue®

                Quality Blends of Kentucky Bluegrass
                • Turf Blue Kentucky bluegrass blends provide the best in performance for sod production
                • Extremely fast to germinate and quick to establish
                • Excellent sod strength
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