SOS® Cool Season Turf-type Annual Ryegrass Mixture

Turf-type Annual Ryegrass Mixture for Field Repair

  • Turf-type annual ryegrass mixture with perennial ryegrass. 50/50
  • Excellent overall turf quality
  • Ideal for all sports and recreational turf where over-seeding is desired or repair of damaged turf is required late in the fall or early in the spring
  • High traffic tolerance for late fall and early spring play
  • No need for use of chemicals for spring transition 
  • Fast germination and establishment / Even with soil temps in mid-40's
  • Outcompetes many grassy and broadleaf weeds, including annual bluegrass
  • Economically priced when compared to perennial ryegrass
  • Mixes exceptionally well with perennial ryegrass for improved persistence and density
  • Overall good disease resistance

    For the repair and recovery to damaged turf, late in the fall or early in the spring.


    Soccer, football, and rugby can all cause significant damage to turfgrass fields, especially late in the season. With games and use at many locations extending into November, historically turf managers have had limited options and invariably must wait till spring temperatures arrive for planting.


    SOS Cool Season mixture, a 50/50 mix combining Panterra turf annual with perennial ryegrass, now provides an option and the opportunity to plant in late fall and still achieve germination and turf cover. With documentation of SOS turf-type annuals germinating with soil temperatures in the low 40's, repair and cover can now be  achieved late in the season. For multi-purpose fields that host baseball and softball in the early spring, the opportunity for teams to play on renovated, repaired fields is a dream come true. 


    Seeded at rates from 10-15 lbs per 1000 sq ft, SOS Cool Season mixture provides the answer to 'Cold weather' repair.

    Sports Turf

    For sports turf performance, the answer is Barenbrug USA. Around the world, from professional sports venues to your community's local fields, our ability to provide varieties with superior traffic tolerance and wear recovery is the best. Turf seed for sports turf and play: it's in our DNA! 

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