Turf Blue®

Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Turf Blue Kentucky bluegrass blends are ideal for all areas of Kentucky bluegrass adaptation
  • Featuring 3-4 high quality, strong performing bluegrass varieties, Turf Blue all features rapid germination and establishment when compared to most other Kentucky blues
  • Forms a uniform medium textured turf with excellent color and overall turf performance
  • Featuring excellent traffic tolerance and wear recovery, Turf Blue blends also offer strong overall disease resistance and summer performance

    Turf Blue features a 3-4 variety blend of the very best Barenbrug Kentucky bluegrasses. Quick to germinate with fast establishment, these blends are ideal for use in all areas of Kentucky bluegrass adaptation. They are ideally suited for all bluegrass sports turf and recreational fields, featuring excellent traffic tolerance and recovery. 


    Turf Blue provides early spring green up, strong summer performance, and excellent overall disease resistance. 


    Sports Turf

    For sports turf performance, the answer is Barenbrug USA. Around the world, from professional sports venues to your community's local fields, our ability to provide varieties with superior traffic tolerance and wear recovery is the best. Turf seed for sports turf and play: it's in our DNA! 

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