Water Saver® Pro Tall Fescue Blend

High Quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend

  • Ideal in full sun and partial shade 
  • Lower growing with excellent heat tolerance 
  • High traffic tolerance with moderate wear recovery
  • Exceptional deep root system with reduced water requirements
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Tolerates the extremes of soil pH
  • Dark green turf with medium turf density
  • Three way blend of strong performing turf varieties

    This high quality turf-type tall fescue blend performs very well in low-maintenance (semi) rough areas, driving ranges, and club grounds. Water Saver Pro contains varieties with improved leaf texture and excellent disease resistance. With strong drought tolerance, water can be conserved while still maintaining quality turf. This blend will exhibit strong turf performance in full sun to moderate shade, especially in the West and US transition zones.



    For tee, fairway, rough, and greens; Barenbrug USA features turfgrass varietal innovations and solutions for the golf superintendent and golfer. Offering unique turf characteristics and traits, Barenbrug USA provides quality and long-term turf performance for your course. 

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