Barlexas II

Tall Fescue

  • Broadly adapted, lower-growing tall fescue
  • Tolerates low mowing height: to 1"
  • Very good traffic and shade tolerance
  • Dark medium-green color with medium leaf texture
  • Quick establishment with good turf density
  • Deep rooted for improved drought tolerance
  • Adapted to both low or high pH

    Barlexas II turf-type tall fescue is a widely adapted variety that is well suited for blends, mixes, maintained or low-maintenance tall fescue turf areas. Once established, its excellent rooting ability, provides enhanced drought and heat tolerance, allowing the turf to weather long summers.


    Barlexas II has been developed to form a strong, vigorous, dense turf that exhibits very good turf quality. It is ideal for park and recreational turf, green belts, roadsides, home and commercial turf areas.