A lot of time has gone by since that very first international publication. Over that hundred-year period, we managed to exceed even our most ambitious objectives, including access to the world grass seed market, with the best partners in R&D, seed production and sales & marketing. We have great confidence in the excellent research that is carried out within our international network of subsidiaries and research facilities in all the important climatic zones.


Our first international publication in the United States was titled ‘Money in Grasses’. It dates back to 1910. A century later, that claim rings more true than ever.


Think global, act local

We are certainly one of the most innovative companies in our field. Because we exchange knowledge and new ideas throughout the world, we can offer tailored solutions in highly specific, localized cases. This means not only that we are the best partner for our customers, but also that we can offer a challenging platform for partners in technological developments, in existing markets as well as in developing regions.