Water Saver with RTF

The Only Seed You Will Ever Need

  • Use 30% less water
  • Contains RTF rhizomatous tall fescue
  • Self-repairing turf, fills in bare spots
  • Grows great in sun or shade
  • Deep rooting
  • Establishes quickly
  • Re-sealable mylar bag
  • Available in 1.5, 5, 10, 25 and 50 lb bags 

    Water Saver with RTF is a special blend of Turf Type Tall Fescues selected for superb color, texture, disease resistance and mobility. Its deep rooting system enables Water Saver to tolerate drought and heat exceptionally well. Your Water Saver lawn will grow beautifully in sun or shade allowing you to mow close and decrease your lawn maintenance. Best of all, you'll use substantially less water to maintain the richness of your Water Saver lawn.



       All Other Fescues                    Water Saver with RTF


     Unlike all other fescues, revolutionary RTF®
    • Repairs itself
    • Fills in bare spots
    • Produces a thick, even lawn in sun or shade



    Self-repairing turf
    • Knits the lawn together.
    • Quickly fills in damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass.
    Strong, deep root system
    • Ability to anchor itself more quickly into the soil.
    • Excellent drought and heat tolerant with less irrigation.
    Grows great in sun or shade
    • Excellent in the transition climate zone.
    Excellent color and disease resistance
    • Withstands stressful weather conditions and keeps its rich green color, even through winter’s low temperatures.
    • Provides excellent protection against insects, diseases and enhances drought tolerance.
    Rapid germination and quick spring green-up
    • Establishes quickly. Produces a greener lawn earlier in the spring.
    Higher value for the homeowner than conventional fescues
    • Ordinary fescues require maintenance from overseeding, weed problems, and clumps. RTF® results in less overseeding, fewer weed problems and no “wide-leafed ugly clumps of tall fescue plants in open areas.






















    The Only Seed You’ll Ever Need®


    Product protected under U.S. patent no. 6,677,507.


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