Soils benefit from the use of living cover crops in rotation with cropping systems. Grazing animals can efficiently harvest these cover crops for gain and increase return on resources. These species are staples in the cover crop use and Barenbrug varieties offer varietal integrity and consistent results.



Cover crops are an important and useful tool to combat issues such as soil erosion, nutrient runoff and moisture conservation. Multiple species are used for cover crop including brassicas, legumes and grasses. Recently there has been an increasing movement toward grazing cover crops as part of the rotation.

In addition to soil conservation and nutrient management, the nutritional values of most cover crops will meet the needs of grazing livestock. The ability to utilize annuals with grazing livestock allows longer rests periods for pastures, and also the ability to grow more forage and graze longer, reducing the amount of feed needed.


Utilizing livestock on a cropland field can also be advantageous for increasing biological activity through the recycling of nutrients through the animal as the majority of the nutrients that run through a ruminant animal are placed right back onto the ground from where they came.

Barkant Turnip

An improved diploid forage turnip, Barkant has a purple tankard root with 50% of the bulb on top of the ground. Barkant has good tolerance to bolting and, under a correct grazing management system, it can provide multiple harvests with up to 4-6 tons/acre of dry matter production in 60-90 days. It has high bulb yield with excellent top growth. The high sugar content in Barkant provides winter hardiness and increased palatability. It is also suitable for stockpiling or strip grazing with sheep and cattle. 


  • Improved Diploid forage turnip variety
  • Emerges quickly with a tankard bulb shape to enhance utilization
  • High leaf production, resulting in a large amount of top growth
  • Barkant has high sugar content allowing for excellent cold tolerance and increased palatability
  • High energy (80% TDN, 0.8 Nel), 30% crude protein stored feed
  • Good tolerance to bolting/heading, ideal for grazing
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Green Spirit®

As a perfect blend of diploid and tetraploid italian ryegrasses, Green Spirit provides excellent quality forage for up to two years, depending on climate and available moisture. Due to its quick regrowth, very early development in spring, and prolonged growing period in the fall, this species usually has greater overall productivity than other cool season grasses. When planted in the spring, Green Spirit will not go to seed in the first season, resulting in high quality forage production without the low quality stems and seed heads during the first year. Green Spirit is the perfect rotation crop for plow down or emergency feed.

Barsica Forage Rape

A forage rape suitable for either grazing by livestock or cutting and feeding. Barsica possesses high energy and has high digestible crude protein (up to 30% in the leaves). Barsica is a tall, leafy variety with high yields and is resistant to lodging and powdery mildew, making it highly palatable.


  • Fast maturing single or multi-graze forage rape that can be sown for summer, autumn, or winter feed
  • Barsica has higher crude protein and dry matter content than turnips
  • Excellent in pure stands, or sown in combination with other forages
  • Excellent multiple graze forage with high tonnage and feed values
  • Great source of protein and energy
  • Overwinters well
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T-Raptor Hybrid Brassica

An early maturing hybrid brassica, T-Raptor is a cross between a forage turnip and a forage rape with 50-70 day crop duration. It exhibits a leafy growth habit (higher leaf-to-bulb ration) and is well suited for grazing. Under ideal management, T-Raptor can be grazed once a month. It is an excellent late summer feed source, and a good supplement for late summer periods when cool season forage grasses slow in production. T-Raptor can be sown in spring or summer


  • Early maturing hybrid brassica
  • Crop duraion of 50-70 days
  • Great for grazing with its "superior" leafy growth habit (leaf-to-bulb ratio)
  • Excellent late summer feed source, when cool-season forage grasses are slow to come on
  • Clubroot resistance
  • All forms of livestock can graze T-Raptor
  • Higher yielding than Purple Top turnips, with capability of producing 6 tons of dry matter per acre!
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Ribeye Annual Ryegrass

An early maturing diploid annual ryegrass, Ribeye is excellent for overseeding bermudagrass pastures in the southern United States. As a Covergraze product, Ribeye can be used as a deep-rooted cover crop, and overseeded into crop fields to provide winter feed for cattle. Earlier production allows for excellent grazing early, and Ribeye's earlier maturity allows for earlier termination prior to spring planting!


  • Earlier producing, maturing, and winter-hardy diploid annual ryegrass
  • Proven for high forage production, quality, and grazing tolerance
  • Rust resistant
  • Corrects hard surface soil
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Exceptional growth on heavier soil
  • Earlier production allows for excellent grazing early, and Ribeye's earlier maturing allows for earlier termination before spring planting!
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Forb Feast Chicory

Forb Feast is a reduced bolting blend, meaning high feed value for your animals. It has impressive leafiness and is an excellent source of digestible energy, protein, and minerals. In addition, chicory has been shown to have key anti-parasitic properties in small ruminatns. Forb Feast has deep taproots that lend persistence and production in extreme heat and moisture as well as displaying good winter hardiness. Forb Feast is ideal as a component in a mixture with both warm and cool season grasses and legumes and is adapted from noth to south in North America.


  • Perfect pasture supplement
  • Survives in areas where clovers fail
  • Deep rooted and very drought tolerant
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • Anti-parasitic properties, enhancing animal health
  • Great for extending grazing into summer
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