Forage Concepts by Barenbrug

Our forages are the foundation of profitable animal agriculture and environmental stewardship. Our unrivaled research and plant breeding has improved forage quality, yield, and animal performance. In addition, we have developed innovative forage concepts proven to increase milk production and liveweight gain. We are dedicated to developing technologies that promote animal health and oerformance. Our customers know it and our partners know it: When you choose Barenbrug, you are planting a legacy.


Soils benefit from the use of living cover crops in rotation with cropping systems. Grazing animals can efficiently harvest these cover crops for gain and increase return on resources. These species are staples in the cover crop use and Barenbrug varieties offer varietal integrity and consistent results.


Traditionally, forage grasses have been defined by two traits: yield and persistence. We also place a strong emphasis on a third trait; forage quality. Because forage quality has a direct effect on animal performance. Because forage quality directly effects your profitability.

Master Series®

Our Master Series are specially formulated to offer your animals the ideal mixture of forage species and varieties for your needs. These blends have been put together by our forage-breeding specialists so you are able to plant with confidence.


NutriFiber is a forage grass technology, available in select Barenbrug grasses, that helps modern dairy producers by providing physically effective, digestible fiber for today’s high producing cows. Today’s high-producing dairy cows require both Non-Fiber Carbohydrate (NFC) and Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF). Properly balancing NFC and NDF is...


Pinpoint, Barenbrug’s Forage Delivery System, is the cost-effective solution for seasonal feed supply challenges. The Pinpoint family of products work together as a system. This system helps increase profitability by lowering feed cost and reducing stress on the operation. Pinpoint products help producers achieve the goal of grazing for 300+ days...

Range Shield™

The Range Shield portfolio is a portfolio of Barenbrug products designed for new planting or inter-seeding into rangeland and dryland pastures in low rainfall areas (12-18 inches growing season precipitation). Range shield products contain the latest varieties of grasses selected for germination, establishment and drought tolerance under low...


RENEW™ products can be broadcast with your commercial fertilizer for an easy one-pass system. If you're seeking quick establishment, RENEW™ can be frost seeded in the winter or early spring in the northern United States or early to mid-fall in the southern United States. Most producers don't think about planting in the winter, but planting RENEW...

Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

Yellow Jacket® is a proprietary seed coating containing a natural water-absorbent material made from corn starch. This enhanced coating can hold up to 600 times its weight in water. Research at the University of New Mexico, North Carolina State University, and Texas A & M University proved conclusively that seed coated with Yellow Jacket...