Perennial Ryegrass Blend

  • Rapid establishment and re-growth
  • High yielding with long leaves and short stems
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value
  • High disease resistance and winter-hardiness
  • Wear tolerant
  • Add Alice white clover for nitrogen fixation

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BG-34 is a well-established, premium blend of mid to late maturing diploid perennial ryegrasses. The varieties in BG-34 were selected for exceptional palatability and digestibility required for high levels of meat and milk production, persistence, winterhardiness, and disease resistance. In addition to high quality forage, forage yields are also impressive. Being later maturing, BG-34 is perfect for those regions which have wet springs precluding early grazing or cutting.  BG-34 continues to be a winner for both grazing and mechanical harvest.  Alice white clover is the ideal companion.


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Seeding Rate:
25-30 lbs./acre
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