Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

  • Dense, leafy sward  
  • High yields    
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value    
  • Improved winter survival and summer production  
  • High disease resistance  
  • Persistent

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Remington is a high-yielding, high-quality tetraploid ryegrass that shares many attributes of a diploid type. Remington was selected in the U.S. for its sward density, high yields, and excellent disease resistance. Remington has improved winter tolerance compared to traditional cultivars. Remington also exhibits improved tolerance to heat and produces longer into the summer than the competition. Remington's is well-suited to grazing and high-moisture cutting systems.
Its exceptional palatability promotes high dry matter intake in a grazing situation. And, as a perennial ryegrass, Remington provides extremely nutritious and digestible forage. Remington is a component in many Barenbrug blends and mixtures such as BG-24T, Tetra-plus, and Beefmaster Pro.


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Seeding Rate:
25 lbs./acre
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