Red Clover

  • Large leaves and rapid establishment  
  • Drought and heat tolerant  
  • Survived as a biennial in the northern Florida trials   
  • Fixes nitrogen, reducing fertilization costs  
  • Coated with Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating 

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Barduro Red Clover

Barduro is a persistent red clover named for its hardiness and durability. In the hay cutting trial at the Auburn Extension Research Center in Crossville, Alabama–during their worst drought in 25 years–Barduro was the only experimental clover to survive. The trial continued the following year and the drought became the worse recorded in 100 years. Barduro survived this trial as well. It is extremely drought and heat tolerant, making it a perfect choice for dry or sloped pastures.


In additional trials, Barduro has proved competitive in stands of fescue, orchardgrass and bermudagrass, making it an excellent choice for overseeding pastures. Research data from trial locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana show high yield potential, making Barduro an excellent choice for hay production. Due to its persistent nature and durability, Barduro is also well suited for grazing. Barduro is a part of our ReNew™family of products.


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Key Features

  • Large leaves
  • Rapid establishment
  • Drought & Heat Tolerant
  • Coated with Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating



Technical Information


Barduro clover is a perfect companion with cool-season perennial grasses such as perennial ryegrass, orchardgrass, and tall fescue as well as select warm season grasses such as bermudagrass. Barduro is well suited for grazing and hay production.



Barduro red clover can be broadcast or drilled shallow into a prepared seed bed. It can also be directly over-seeded into a grass sward. Both spring and fall planting are acceptable depending upon moisture conditions. When planting in the fall, it is recommended to plant at least 8 weeks before a killing frost. Barduro is pre-inoculated and also coated with Yellow Jacket®. Yellow Jacket is a proprietary coating containing a patented compound that is able to absorb 600 times its weight in water and increases healthy plant establishment.


Seeding Rate

Seeding Rate:

Companion with Grass:

Over-Seeding into Grass:

8-12 lbs/acre

8-10 lbs/acre

10-12 lbs/acre


Nitrogen Fixation

Nitrogen fixation is a valuable attribute of legumes, producing nitrogen and therefore reducing fertilization costs. However, legumes can only “fix” nitrogen when the proper rhizobium bacteria are present in the soil. Therefore, to ensure maximum nitrogen fixation, seed should be properly inoculated prior to planting so the appropriate bacteria are present.



Appropriate cutting regimes will improve forage yield and stand persistence. In the establishment year, harvest prior to full-bloom stage. For an established stand, first cut should occur at early-bloom stage and subsequent harvests at late-bud or early-bloom stage. Harvesting forage under hot, dry conditions or too close to the first freeze can reduce stand longevity.


Yield of Red Clover Cultivars Under Drought Conditions


Southeast US Forage Trials testing yield of tons per acre. Barduro Red Clover yielding the most tons per acre with 4.3 tons whereas Kenland, the closest performing variety to Barduro, only produced 2.1


2006 Dry Matter Tons per Acre Trial Conducted at Auburn University, Crossville


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Seeding Rate
8-12 lbs/acre
Companion with Grass
Over-Seeding Into Grass
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