The Dryland Mix for Your Pasture

  • Fills grazing holes 
  • Allows later turnout onto native pasture-promoting better helth of native pastures 
  • Reduced hay feeding, lowering feed costs 
  • Higher production in less than full season irrigation situations

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Recognizing that the difference between the least profitable and the most profitable ranchers can be recognized by the amount of hay fed. Barricade dryland seed mix provides a grazing solution for producers looking to match their cow herd’s production cycle and nutritional demands. Barricade creates fall, winter and spring grazing opportunities that helps minimize winter hay feeding, and improves native range health by allowing a later turn-out onto summer pasture. 


The seed in Barricade is enhanced with Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket brand seed coating which absorbs nearly 600 times its weight in water, which improves seed-to-soil contact and makes it ideal for rangeland seeding applications. The Yellow Jacket coating improves establishment in marginalconditions by keeping a layer of moisture around the developing seedling under less-than optimal soil moisture conditions. Barricade is a part of Barenbrug's Range Shield™ forage concept.


Where To Buy

Seeding Rates:
15-25 lbs./acre