Cattle Forage Mixture

  • Rapid establishment
  • Exceptional yields
  • Late-maturing - Maintains quality
  • High dry matter intake - Rapid weight gains
  • Persistent
  • Alice white clover -Forage protein and soil nitrogen
  • Now containing Remington PLUS NEA2 BarOptima PLUS E34

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Beefmaster is a special formulation of forage grasses from the Master Series line for stocker cattle and beef cows and calves. Beefmaster contains soft-leaved tall fescue varieties which are highly digestible and increase overall dry matter intake compared to rough-leaf tall fescues. Along with soft-leaf tall fescue, the orchard grass varieties included in Beefmaster are grazing tolerant and maintain their productivity even under close grazing. Highly productive, high energy forage varieties in Beefmaster provide rapid weight gains in beef cattle. Beefmaster also contains new persistent varieties of perennial ryegrass and tall fescue, Remington NEA2 and BarOptima PLUS E34, which further improve the forage quality of the pasture.


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