Browsemaster® Pro

Goat Pasture and Tall Fescue Dilution

  • Excellent for overseeding of KY-31 Tall Fescue pastures
  • Increases the forage quality and nitrogen content in pastures through Nitrogen Fixation
  • Early spring forage, fast re-growth
  • Ideal for hay production
  • Great grazing mixture for goats

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Browsemaster® Pro is a new grass seed mixture from Barenbrug's Master Series for goat pastures. Research has indicated that the productivity of goats is higher in a pasture with a diverse array of forage species rather than a mono-stand. Browsemaster Pro has the optimum combination of browse, forbes and grasses to improve the meat and milk production in goats. Regionally adapted, Browsemaster Pro mixtures are available for the transition zone and southern United States. The primary component of Browsemaster Pro is Barenbrug’s high quality chicory. Browsemaster Pro also contains red clover, alfalfa, and forage brassica varieties for protein and forage grass for digestible fiber.


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