Grass Mixtures by Barenbrug

Barenbrug’s Master Series are formulated to offer your animals the ideal mixture of forage species and varieties for your needs. Our choices make is easier for you to plant with confidence.

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Haymaster® Pro

Premium Hay Mixture
  • Quick dry-down
  • Drought tolerant
  • High yields
  • Soft-leaved, late-maturing mixture
  • Highly palatable & digestible
  • Ideal for planting alone or as companion with alfalfa
  • Persistent
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Beefmaster® Pro

Cattle Forage Mixture
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Dairymaster® Pro

Exceptional quality dairy pasture mixture
  • Exceptional palatability for improved intake
  • High fiber digestibility and nutritive value
  • High protein and energy forage
  • Now containing BarOptima +E34 & Remington +NEA2
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Horsemaster® Pro

Horse Pasture Mixture
  • Rapid establishment
  • Dense sward
  • Low growing point -Tolerates traffic and grazing pressure
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Stockmaster® Pro

Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture
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Browsemaster® Pro

Goat Pasture and Tall Fescue Dilution
  • Early spring forage, fast re-growth
  • Ideal for hay production
  • Great grazing mixture for goats
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High Energy Grass & High Energy Hybrid Alfalfa
  • E2 contains grasses that grow in the same rhythm as alfalfa
  • E2 contains grasses and alfalfa that have very high energy values
  • E2 increases yield and stand longevity
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