Stockmaster® Pro

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StockMaster® Pro

Stockmaster Pro is a pasture seed mix from our Master Series™, containing a late maturing orchardgrass, a newly developed variety of winter-hardy continental tall fescue, and our two Get PLUS modern grasses, BarOptima® +E34® soft leaf tall fescue, and Remington™ +NEA2 perennial ryegrass. This multi-purpose mixture enables Stockmaster Pro to be used in, and even under, less than ideal conditions. It is a perfect mixture for fields that require a long-lasting, high-quality pasture and can also be used for hay fields after establishment. 


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Grasses with Beneficial Endophytes

Traditionally, forage grasses have been defined by two traits: yield and persistence. We also place a strong emphasis on a third trait, forage quality, because forage quality directly affects animal performance and your profitability.

After many years of research, we were able to incorporate all three of these traits into select varieties. The technology bringing this all together is +E34® and +NEA2, beneficial, non-toxic, fungal endophytes. 


The Percent of Original Stand Remaining after Four Years of Continuous Grazing

Tested over four years, BarOptima +E34 soft leaf tall fescue displayed significant persistence and was preferred by the cattle over the other present varieties.

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