T-Raptor Hybrid

High quality bridge forage for the summer

  • Multiple grazing brassica with a bulb
  • High energy (80% TDN, 0.8 Nel), 30% crude protein stored feed
  • High leaf to bulb ratio

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T-Raptor Hybrid Forage Rape is a mult-graze, brassica that produces a small bulb. Its dry matter is higher proportion of leaves to bulbs than forage turnips like Barkant. T-Raptor is an early maturing variety that is ready for first grazing 50-70 days after planting (3.5 to 4.0 lb/acre). It can be grazed monthly under good management. Ideal for summer supplemental feed, when cool season pastures have slow production feed, it can be planted from early spring through summer. 

T-Raptor Hybrid is part of our Pinpoint™, and CoverGraze™ families of products.

Seeding Rate
3-5 lbs/acre
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