Working with Mother Nature to Make Barenbrug Seed Even Better

At Barenbrug, we work hard to give you the best seed possible. We see your challenges as our challenges and listen to what you have to say. That's why through our research and development and our partnerships with other prestigous organizations, we are bringing you cutting edge solutions that will build your animal and soil health in the harshest of conditions, all while saving you money.

When is Seed More Than Seed?

When is Barenbrug seed more than just seed? When it contributes to increased soil health, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture.


Users of Barenbrug seed know our products for their high quality and proven performance, however, in certain high stress applications such as planting in drought prone areas, or into conditions where high salt content can be an issue, seed can use an extra boost to help it survive and thrive. That is why Barenbrug operating companies around the globe are working together through the Barenbrug Global Seed Enhancement initiative to find and apply technologies that will contribute to your success when you choose to plant Barenbrug seed.


Here at Barenbrug USA our initial project in this area is a collaborative research project between Barenbrug, the Soil Food Web and USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Laboratory. The project is testing various concentrations of microbial inoculants developed by the Soil Food Lab effect on germination, persistence, and many other traits. Many people don’t realize that there are thousands even millions of species of soil microbes that play a role in plant health. Under healthy soil conditions numerous microbes create a symbiotic relationship with plants, this is especially true of grass species, to improve a plants access to nutrients and moisture in exchange for microbes access to carbon in the form of sugar exudates which the plants emit from their roots to feed beneficial microbes.


This beautiful relationship between plants and soil microbes is a normal relationship that happens naturally in healthy soil. However, people are often forced to plant Barenbrug seed in less-than-ideal conditions; such as drought prone areas, areas of low soil health, etc. If we can provide seed that is coated with a variety of microbial species that are exactually positioned on the seed to create symbiotic relationships with our grass, when you plant Barenbrug seed, you’ll be benefiting your soil’s health and experience greater success!


Barenbrug is very fortunate to be working with Dr. Elaine Ingham from the Soil Food Web. She is a world-renowned scientist well known for popularizing the idea that healthy soil is teaming with life that is critical for plant health and carbon sequestration and cycling. Additionally, we are very privileged that USDA-ARS Forage and Range Research Lab (FRRL) is partnering on this project. ARS-FRRL is a world class forage research lab who, under Dr. Kevin Jensen’s leadership, has created new understandings and opportunities for Barenbrug. Barenbrug’s research agreement with these two organizations is an example of how we are leading the way toward innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a regenerative future that contributes to making life beautiful.