Your Prescription for Healthier Pastures


- Ideal for repairs, quick germination, and fast, sustainable growth


- Excellent nutritional content; highly digestible and palatable


- Backed by research to sustainably thrive where other products fail

What's in the Mixture?

PastureRX is a balanced mixture of non-GMO grasses and legumes. These modern varieties were developed through standard breeding and selection practices.

PastureRX will establish quickly, producing palatable, high-quality pasture that competes with undesirable species when managed properly.


Easy Planting Instructions:

Success depends on creating good seed-to-soil contact at planting, soil moisture after planting and controlling competition from existing vegetation. Testing the soil fertility for deficiencies and correcting deficiencies will improve results.


Can be planted in late winter/early spring or late summer/early fall, depending on geographic location. Needs 60 days of growth before a hard, killing frost.


  1. Reduce existing vegetation by close grazing, mowing or proper herbicide application
  2. Disturb the pasture soil surface. This can accomplished by dragging a device like a drag or disc harrow, or by home-made devices like a weighted section of chain-link fence, or a shipping pallet.
  3. Spread PastureRX by hand broadcasting, the use of a handheld or pull-type broadcast spreader, or pasture drill. Do not plant seed too deep, 1/4 to 1/2 inch seed depth is all that is needed. After broadcasting seed, light dragging and/or rolling will enhance seed-to-soil contact.


Seeding Rate: