A Letter from Our CEO



Where does the summer go?  We see the grass growing and maturing and all of a sudden the fields are bare, hay is bailed, the temperature drops and fall is here!  We also realize that the turning of the leaves to fall colors also means that your sales windows are closing and that customers are desperately trying to take advantage of the last bit of planting weather- I sincerely hope you have experienced strong sales and thank you for your orders.  We are only successful because of you, our valued customers! 


Our team of dedicated professionals is consistently striving to offer our customers better value.  We understand that value truly encompasses the entire customer experience from placing the order all the way to product performance in the field.  It is made up of investments:  in research, people, equipment and processes.  It is a journey and you never arrive at the destination; you just keep investing to get stronger and better.


We are only successful because of you, our valued customers! 


 In this light, I would like to share a few things happening right now to help deliver you better value.  First, we are changing our structure and synergizing the marketing and sales of our turf and forage teams.  Our professionals in the field also will be broken into Market Development and Sales.  Market Development will be responsible to help build product demand and ensure product success at the end-user level, while Sales will be responsible for the transactions and ensuring world-class service to our customers.  In addition, we are building a Customer Service team which will be responsible for touching base more often with our customers as well as offering quicker response times to our customer’s timely questions.  We are also in the process of building a new seed coating facility at our headquarters with the ability to handle over 10 million pounds per year.  And, to be able to handle more seed in our processing, we are installing a state of the art automated palletizer which will be able to bag and palletize 44,000lbs per hour.  Finally, we have just completed the construction of 7,500 square feet of greenhouse space to make sure our cutting edge genetics receive the isolation they need to stay pure.   


We appreciate that in order to grow, we need you!  So, while I say thank you for being a customer, I also invite you to participate by giving me your feedback as to how we are doing.  I can be reached at the office at 541-704-1201. 


Thank You, James