Alyssa Cain Appointed as Turf Product Manager


Tangent, OR - December 10th, 2020:


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alyssa Cain to our team as Turf Product Manager for our Professional Turf Division. As Turf Product Manager, Alyssa will provide technical and sales support for Barenbrug USA's network of professional turf distributors.

Additionally, she will be heavily involved in research and development to continue Barenbrug's goal of bringing new and innovative products to the U.S. turf market.





"Alyssa brings a wealth of knowledge to the Barenbrug team. This, coupled with her research experience, leads us to firmly believe she will prove to be a great asset as we progress into the future."

Samantha Miller, Director of Marketing and Brand Management


Alyssa received her Bachelor of Science in Bioresource Research with options in Plant Growth and Development and Pest Biology and Management from Oregon State University. Throughout her studies, Alyssa recognized her passion for turfgrass research. Furthering her education, Alyssa earned her M.S. in Horticulture from OSU under Dr. Alec Kowalewski, evaluating effective chemical-free alternatives to Poa annua management. Having successfully defended her thesis, we at Barenbrug are excited to add her to our team of highly trained professionals.


Alyssa can be reached at