Barenbrug and Aquatrols

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, Barenbrug is proud to introduce Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology  (SET) to our Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating program. When Yellow Jacket was first launched in  2007, it  revolutionized the turfgrass seed industry by safeguarding seedling establishment during water shortages. Now, Yellow Jacket with Aquatrols SET provides the added benefit of improved water use efficiency in a wide range of growing conditions.


Developed by the world leaders in soil surfactant technology, Aquatrols SET represents a major breakthrough in seed coating. Seed coated with Aquatrols SET 4001 carries its own protection against adverse growing conditions, including deficit irrigation, high heat and salt stress. When rainfall or irrigation is applied, Aquatrols’ patented soil surfactant coating washes off of the seed, creating a hydrophilic conduit beneath the seed. This conduit acts as a bridge between the soil surface and subsoil moisture below, allowing immediate availability to water once the seed germinates. This leads to faster plant establishment with increased root and shoot mass.