Celebrating the Retirement of Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

(Tangent, OR 2023) Barenbrug USA proudly announces the retirement of Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, a distinguished figure in the realm of forages and grassland agriculture. Peter's remarkable journey was recently highlighted with his receipt of the American Forage and Grasslands Council’s prestigious Allen Award of Illumination at the XXV International Grasslands Congress in Covington, Kentucky. The award is a testament to his unwavering commitment to illuminating the myriad values and essential roles that these natural resources play in our lives. The Allen Award of Illumination, established in 2008, stands as a symbol of recognition for individuals who, through groundbreaking and innovative approaches, have enhanced the understanding and appreciation of forages and grasslands. It shines a light on those who have not only demonstrated excellence in their field but have also shared their knowledge to inspire a deeper comprehension of the role these resources play in addressing challenges that face humanity.


(Left to Right: Dr. Vivien Allen, Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, and Dr. Garry Lacefield)


Peter Ballerstedt's journey with Barenbrug USA began in 2011 when he assumed the role of Forage Product Manager. His tireless efforts, visionary leadership, and dedication were then utilized in his role as a Forage Ambassador in 2018 which he continued in until now. Throughout his tenure, Peter has been a driving force, ardently advocating for the recognition of forages, grasslands and ruminants as vital components of sustainable and resilient ecosystems.


"Peter Ballerstedt has been an invaluable asset to Barenbrug USA and the wider community," says Luke Wilson, Forage Market Development Manager at Barenbrug USA.

"His passion and insights have ignited a greater understanding of the importance of forages and grasslands in our daily lives. The Allen Award of Illumination is a fitting tribute to his remarkable contributions."


While Peter Ballerstedt embarks on this new chapter in his life, he will continue to collaborate with Barenbrug USA. This ensures that his wealth of knowledge and expertise will continue to benefit the ongoing efforts of the company and the broader forage, grassland and ruminant agriculture communities.

For inquiries, please reach out to Luke Wilson, Forage Market Development Manager at Barenbrug USA, via email at lwilson@barusa.com.

As we bid farewell to a luminary who has illuminated the path to a deeper understanding of forages and grasslands, Barenbrug USA extends its heartfelt congratulations to Peter Ballerstedt on his retirement and looks forward to his continued contributions in shaping a more sustainable future.