Grass Farmer First, Cattle Rancher Second

For any operation grass should be the foundation to a sustainable cattle operation. Cattle grazing on grass provide a free harvest service, unlike mechanical hay harvest which costs money - time, fuel, equipment, etc. Ideally, your cattle should be the ones harvesting your hay, not you. To maximize your forage capabilities Pinpoint Grazing System is a great option and will provide alternative forages throughout the year to increase your grazing days.


One forage option is annual ryegrass. Annual ryegrass is relatively low in cost to seed but has a high return on quality and tonnage. Barenbrug USA offers Maximus and Jumbo annual ryegrasses, which are improved forage varieties with increased yields, high sugar content and larger leafs. Annual ryegrass can be seeded in the fall and will provide early winter grazing and heavy spring grazing. Annual ryegrass will hang on just long enough until the warm season grasses start to kick in, like bermudagrass. This is one of the many reasons annual ryegrass is a great option for overseeding your bermudagrass pastures or as a straight mono stand.


If you’re looking to fill an early grazing opportunity in the fall, brassicas make a great option. Brassicas, such as Turnips or Rape come on quick and early. After about 40 - 45 days from planting you will graze your brassicas; if grazed correctly, it is possible to get 2-3 grazings off of them before a heavy frost or snow. Make sure you use true forage brassicas such as Barkant Forage Turnips or Barsica Forage Rape. Using a forage variety will make sure you are getting the maximum output from your forages in both quality and yield. You can also plant brassicas again in the spring for some extra forage grazing potential before summer. You can also mix brassicas with other grasses or small grains for added value, at a low cost.


With Barenbrug’s Pinpoint Grazing System you can pick products that fit your operation needs and fill the forage gaps. Plan ahead for each season and layout a plan that works best for your operation. There are many types of forage that you can utilize to get the maximum use out of your land. Contact your local Barenbrug Forage Specialist today and let us help you find the seeds that fit your needs.