How Mojo Crabgrass Can Increase Your Average Daily Gains up to 14%!

Tangent, OR - June 25th, 2021:

Do you find yourself having to rely on Bahiagrass as your main forage? Do you have a cow-calf operation in the southern US and wonder if there is something you can do to improve your average daily gain (ADG)? Well, Mojo Crabgrass could be exactly what you are looking for! Relying solely on Bahiagrass could lead to having nutritionally insufficient pastures for your cattle. In an ongoing study from the University of Georgia (Tucker et al. 2020), researchers have set out to find a simple solution to this problem and they are finding some truly remarkable results. In their research thus far, cow-calf operations have seen a 14% increase in their calves’ ADG, or an additional $0.58 per day per calf* when their Bahiagrass pastures were interseeded with Mojo crabgrass!


Mojo now contains ImpactTM (Right), a variety released from the Noble Research Institute that heads out 14+ days later than Red River (Left). Ardmore, OK 2012. Plots sown on the same day


Mojo crabgrass was chosen to help pastures just like yours because of its high nutritive quality, drought tolerance, and low input requirements. Existing bahiagrass pastures were sprayed, lightly tilled and then drilled with MoJo crabgrass. Cow calf pairs began grazing in early July and pastures were continuously grazed for 8 to 10 weeks through the hot summer months of South GA. Animals were weighed at grazing initiation, midpoint, and conclusion and in spite of a drought happening during the trial, the calves that were grazing the Crabgrass-Bahiagrass mixture had greater gains when compared to those on straight Bahiagrass. Further the cows grazing on Mojo retained their body condition scores, 4.5 on average and did so while seeing an additional calf ADG increase. This means that you could gain an additional $0.58 per calf per day* with the addition of Mojo based on preliminary results from this on-going research!


"The goal of this project is evaluating alternative forage options and determining if, by changing just one practice in their operation producers can improve their summer pasture productivity in the Deep South. Crabgrass is showing much promise as a summer addition to our forage toolbox" 

-Dr. Jennifer Tucker


With this one simple addition of Mojo to your Bahiagrass pastures, you also could dramatically improve your pastures’ nutritive quality and yield, resulting in better gains for your cow-calf operation and more money in your pocket. Contact your distributor to learn more about what Mojo crabgrass could do for you! 

*Average based on 700lbs./$811 from Georgia cattle prices.