Introducing Duo Pro™ | Perennial/Annual Ryegrass Mixture


Advancing the Industry: Barenbrug® USA Announces Duo Pro™ Perennial/Annual Ryegrass Mixture


Tangent, Oregon - January 28th, 2022


Turf managers across the United States no longer have to press ‘pause’ on their games when cold weather strikes. As a mixture of both Turf-annuals and Perennial ryegrass, Duo Pro™ has the benefits of both. Duo Pro is extremely fast to germinate, will stand up to heavy traffic, and repeated overseeding events in cold weather will allow games to play on.


“Overseeding is always a balance for turf managers. Obviously, they want the best playing surface for the athletes or families, but too often, the ‘best’ breaks the bank. Duo Pro provides the perfect balance of quality while remaining an economical solution for overseeding.”

Micah Gould, Turf Market Development Manager, Barenbrug USA Professional Division.


Benefits of Duo Pro include:

• Extended Persistence
• Mid 40˚ F Germination
• Very Fast Establishing
• Competes with Poa Annua


An additional benefit to overseeding with Duo Pro is that having a stand grow yearround reduces the chance of an invasion of Poa annua. Being able to still germinate at temperatures as low as the mid-40’s, Duo Pro will prevent your stand from thinning out.


To learn more about Duo Pro, contact your Barenbrug representative or visit the product page here.