Introducing Full House™ | Elite Seeded Bermudagrass Blend


It’s Better Together: Barenbrug® Introduces Full House™ Elite Seeded Bermudagrass Blend


Tangent, Oregon- January 24th, 2022


For over 115 years, Barenbrug has always sought to bring the highest quality products to market, and we are proud to continue this tradition with the launch of our brand new seeded bermudagrass blend, Full House. We already possessed two high NTEP scoring bermudagrass, Monaco® and Hollywood®, and our turf experts asked, “What happens when we combine them together?”


They were not disappointed.


“Every year, we sit down to examine the strengths of the varieties contained within our portfolio. When we examined our elite seeded bermudagrass varieties, combining Hollywood and Monaco was a decision that just made sense. These varieties already possess so many similarities, but because they have been developed from diverse parental lines, combining them results in a better overall stand.”

Margaret Childers, Turf Product Manager, Barenbrug USA Professional Division


Full House benefits from the individual strengths of both Monaco and Hollywood, resulting in a stand that possesses many advantages, including:

• Greater Turf Quality

• Increased Density

• Superior Genetic Color, Fall Color, and Winter Color

• Early Spring Green-up

• Leaf Texture

• Faster Establishment

• Greater Disease Resistance


Barenbrug has further enhanced Full House with our groundbreaking Yellow Jacket® seed coating. Each seed is surrounded by a natural water-absorbent material made from corn starch, aiding in germination. Studies have shown that in non-ideal conditions, seed that has been coated with our proprietary Yellow Jacket has a significantly greater chance of germinating when compared to non-coated seed.


To learn more about Full House, contact your Barenbrug representative or visit the product page here.