Meet a Barenbrug Grower

When did you start farming?
Started farming in 1972 as an FFA project.


Tell us about the history of your family farm.
Purchased my first farm with my college money and shortly turned a profit with its sale. Purchased a larger farm with the proceeds and sold that in 1977 for the existing farm that I have made additions to and operated for the last 40 years.


What do you currently farm? How many acres?
Turf and forage fescue for seed. Turf quality perennial ryegrass and annual ryegrass. Also Wheat, turnips for seed and red clover. There are 1800 acres total.

Where are you located?
I farm in the Salt Creek area approximately 10 miles North of Dallas and 25 miles West of Salem.

How long have you been in the area?
Since 1968.


Are there any differences between your farm now and your farm when you were a kid?
Yes, I have added several buildings including a seed cleaning warehouse in 1999. Also hay and seed storage over the years as well as more employees, additional farmable acreage and diversity in crop variety that I produce.

What is your favorite part about farming?
The satisfaction of growing a high quality crop with the challenge to increase the quality and the yield of the product at the same time. Keeping a profit margin that is sustainable for my operation. I enjoy being able to look over my fields and be satisfied with the end results.


What is your least favorite part about farming?
The ever increasing regulations.


How long have you been growing for Barenbrug?
Approximately 25 years.

Have you ever considered getting out of agriculture for a different career? If so, what type of work did you think you might want to do?
I did venture in the Ag Commodity Trucking business 25 years ago and currently operate today. I have never considered getting out of farming.


What does farming mean to you?
Farming is hard work. A great way of life and a love for the land to the point of making sure I leave it better than I found it.