Nature Jacket

The most innovative and tested seed coating in the industry now for organic use.

Making the Best Even Better

As consumer demands for organic products continue to rise, Barenbrug USA recognizes the need to deliver industry-leading organic seed technologies to the professional turf and agriculture industry. As a recognized leader in innovative grass seed coating, Barenbrug’s Seed Coating Technologies have been providing the professional seed industry with quality coated seeds since 2007. Since this time, millions of pounds of enhanced seeds have been sold across the United States and now this same proven coating is available as Nature Jacket, a seed coating listed for organic use by OMRI.


The Proof is in the Coating

The components making up Nature Jacket have all been listed for organic production by OMRI. Nature Jacket can be applied to conventional seed or certified organic seed. “Nature Jacket G” is available for all conventional grass species while “Nature Jacket C” can be applied to all conventional alfalfa, clovers, and legumes. In addition, Nature Jacket C can be applied to organic legumes.


Unique Coating With Less Inputs

Nature Jacket Seed Enhancement is ideal for less than optimum weather conditions or when conditions of use and play don’t allow for normal environments of establishment. The coating surrounds each seed with a natural, micronutrient rich environment, which stimulates vigorous growth. Its hygroscopic nature helps pull and hold moisture to the seed, which aids in germination, giving you faster, improved establishment all while enhancing uniform seeding. Nature Jacket coated seed also moves readily through the grass stand to improve seed-to-soil contact.


Learn More

Nature Jacket can be found on all major cool and warm season grass seed species. Call your local Barenbrug USA representative to learn more or visit here to find a local distributor in your area.