Research Update

Barenbrug USA Research is hitting spring full throttle. Both the Turf and Forage divisions are preparing for spring trials, spring planting and spring weather.


New Turf trials this spring are currently being prepared and shipped out to Kentucky, New Mexico, and Connecticut, as well as Holland and France. New Forage private trials are going out to Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee, with public University trials going into Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.


New turf demonstration plots were established in Albany during the fall, and will soon be getting their first spring mowing. Forage demonstration plots will be planted this spring. These demos serve as a tool to show prospective growers and clients the different species, varieties, and the differences between varieties.  


Spring should hopefully bring on more clear and dry days, which means more outdoor field work for the Research team.  This will include visits to off-site fields and trial locations, and roguing and selecting for future varieties.


Miles Barrett and Robin Lamp