Upgrading through Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement, or CI, can be defined as an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. It is a gradual never-ending process that should become a culture, not a destination. There is no “do this” and “get this result” method; every project and company are different. The areas we are concentrating on the most are: Health and Safety, Sustainability, Efficiency, Facility Layout and our Future Plans.

In Health and Safety we have achieved over 340 days without a time lost incident; our previous record was 321 days. Our Sustainability efforts include improved recycling and energy savings. We have improved productivity by 23 percent in the last year and we have completely changed how material moves and flows through our facility to reduce multiple waste streams. Our future plans will expand on all these areas to help ensure our continued success.

We are working hard to reduce or eliminate the 7 wastes of lean manufacturing; Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overprocessing, Overproduction, and Defects.