Barenbrug USA launches new Forage Delivery System

No matter which cool season or warm season perennial grass base is used, pasture does not grow uniformly.

throughout the year. Livestock producers have to manage feed demand and feed supply, no matter what class of livestock or level of grazing management. The best grazers pay close attention to minimizing periods of feed deficit or surplus.

Pinpoint, Barenbrug’s Forage Delivery System, is the new cost-effective solution for seasonal feed supply
challenges. Pinpoint products will help producers achieve the goal of grazing for 300+ days out of the year. By
working together as a system the Barenbrug Pinpoint family of products will help increase profitability by
lowering feed cost and reducing stress on the operation.

Production records regularly indicate that winter feed costs are the single largest expense, and keeping feeding
costs low is key to a profitable operation. Typically feed grazed directly by animals will always be less expensive
than conserved forage (hay, silage, baleage that is harvested and fed later). In addition, grazing animals recycle
nutrients onto the pasture instead of concentrating them in areas where conserved forages are fed. Pinpoint
products, along with other management changes, will allow growers to reduce their hay-feeding season
regardless of where they’re located.

Barenbrug’s new Forage Delivery System will provide a solution for timely forage needs. Even with ideal pasture
and livestock management, periods of feed deficit still exist. Base forages have distinct growth curves that cannot
meet the feed demand of grazing animals during every season of the year. Managers can plan for seasonal
forage deficits. Pinpoint products can help fill these deficits.

Pinpoint products, as part of an improved management plan, can help you optimize the utilization of grazed
forages and reduce dependency on supplemental feed, fuel and other inputs.