Warm Season

The warm season region  is where warm season perennial grasses such as bermudagrass or bahiagrass are persistent, productive and adapted to a wide range of conditions. Management plans must account for most of the annual yield occurring during late spring and summer, with little growth occurring during early spring and fall. Pinpoint products will allow producers to reduce their dependency on store feed by increasing the grazing season. 


Maximus is an early maturing Tetraploid annual ryegrass for regions where bermudagrass greens up earlier in the spring. It does not compete with the bermudagrass growing period. It is highly winter active for regions where grazing all winter is needed. Maximus can be overseeded in late fall into bermudagrass pastures. 


In regions where bermudagrass takes longer to green up into early summer, Jumbo or Green Spirit ryegrass can be overseeded into bermudagrass pastures. Green Spirit will provide the longest winter grazing season and the highest quality feed. 


Barkant turnips can be sown in late summer or early fall to provide forage for the transition period between bermudagrass to annual ryegrass in late fall to early winter. Leafy brassica forages such as Barsica and T-Raptor can be sown in mixtures with Maximus annual ryegrass into disked bermudagrass sods.