Turf Star® RPR®

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass

  • Perennial ryegrass with determinate-stolons: Lolium perenne ssp. stoloniferum
  • Extreme traffic tolerance developed during the RPR breeding process
  • Exhibits strong ability to recover from extreme wear and use
  • High endophyte content for improved stress tolerance
  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance
  • Excellent for sod production/improved harvest performance and sheer strength

    Barenbrug’s innovative Turfgrass Research and Development Group has produced a unique, new Perennial ryegrass star, Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, or RPR. A subspecies of traditional perennial ryegrass, RPR was developed specifically to withstand heavy traffic and rapidly recover. A completely unique regenerating perennial ryegrass, RPR naturally produces a determinate-stolon that maintains density and repairs worn turf. 


    With initial selection and breeding work done in Virginia, RPR is significantly more heat and drought tolerant than standard perennial ryegrass. Outperforming traditional perennial ryegrass in transition zone climates, RPR is durable, resilient and a survivor. With a growing list of successful, professionally maintained applications, RPR's reputation as a 'problem solver' is growing.



    Seeding Rate
    6 - 8 lbs
    Mowing Height
    .5" - 2"
    Packaging Size
    50 lbs
    Fast Establishment
    Ability to Self-Repair
    Traffic Tolerance
    Drought Tolerance
    Speed of Germination
    Shade Tolerance
    Low to Moderate Fertility
    Disease Resistance

    Quick germination, establishment, and the ability to form a tight-knit sod are critical production keys for the professional turf producer. At Barenbrug USA our researchers stress these key traits throughout the turf breeding process. At Barenbrug USA, we know sod production well; and deliver. 


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