Turf Star®

Premium Quality Perennial Ryegrass Blend

  • A blend of 3 premium perennial ryegrass varieties
  • Ideal for permanent turf 
  • Proven overseeding performance with good spring transition
  • Greater adaptability
  • Low growth habit
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Dark green color
  • Wear tolerant

    Turf Star® is the best quality perennial ryegrass blend available. For a dark green perennial ryegrass with strong genetic and mechanical purity, Turf Star is your grass of choice. Fast to germinate and quick establish Turf Star is ideal for full sun and light shade.

    Seeding Rate
    6 -8 lbs
    Mowing Height
    .5" - 2"
    Packaging Size
    50 lbs
    Fast Establishment
    Ability to Self-Repair
    Traffic Tolerance
    Drought Tolerance
    Speed of Germination
    Shade Tolerance
    Low to Moderate Fertility
    Disease Resistance

    Quick germination, establishment, and the ability to form a tight-knit sod are critical production keys for the professional turf producer. At Barenbrug USA our researchers stress these key traits throughout the turf breeding process. At Barenbrug USA, we know sod production well; and deliver. 


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