Range Shield


The Range Shield portfolio is a portfolio of Barenbrug products designed for new planting or inter-seeding into rangeland and dryland pastures in low rainfall areas (12-18 inches growing season precipitation). Range shield products contain the latest varieties of grasses selected for germination, establishment and drought tolerance under low rainfall conditions. Formulated from drought tolerant varieties of meadow, smooth and Alaska bromes, tall fescue and intermediate wheatgrass, Range Shield is the dryland mix for your pasture.

Drought Tolerant

The seed in Barricade is enhanced with Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket brand seed coating which absorbs nearly 600 times its weight in water, 

which improves seed-to-soil contact and makes it ideal for rangeland seeding applications. The Yellow Jacket coating improves establishment in marginal

conditions by keeping a layer of moisture around the developing seedling under less-than optimal soil moisture conditions.

Barricade is designed for new planting or inter-seeding into range and dryland pastures in low rainfall areas.





  • Stockaide works well in extremely-low precipitation zones (7-12 inches)
  • Barricade is best adapted to precipitation less than 12-18 inches and does well with supplemental irrigation
  • Renegaide works well in low-mid precipitation zones (18-30 inches)
  • Range Shield products have been specifically designed to preform where rainfall is iited. Specifcially, areas where average precipitation is between 7-30 inches annually.

Yellow Jacket Coated

Yellow Jacket is Barenbrug's very own seed enhancement specific to broadcast applications


•Features a starch-based absorbent capable of holding up to 600 times its own weight in water

•Establishes faster than raw seed, requires less water

•Ideal for less than optimum weather conditions

•Includes Apron XL systemic fungicide to improve seedling and root development

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