Your Solution to Alfalfa Winterkill

Reports indicate that many stands have suffered significant winterkill. Now is the time to evaluate your fields and make plans to interseed where needed. If interseeding is required to ensure profitable yields, the next step is to understand options. For thinned stands of alfalfa, Barenbrug provides a number of excellent options.

Winterkill Solutions

A good rule of thumb with alfalfa fields is that interseeding is justified when there are less than 4- 5 alfalfa plants per square foot. With grass fields, interseeding is warranted when dead spot average 2 – 3 square foot in size per 10 square foot area. If there are more dead spots than that or if dead spots are over 10 square foot in size scattered throughout the field then a complete re-seeding maybe warranted.


No doubt this winter has been hard on forage. The good news is that producers with winterkilled fields have options, but to avoid significant yield loss producers need to implement a forage recovery plan quickly. Interseeding a stand thinned by winterkill is a good way to minimize yield loss this season and to open future marketing options. Barenbrug provides a number of high quality forage products that help producers who are facing winterkill challenges.