Super 10

Berseem Clover

  • High quality forage for grazing
  • Highly palatable & up to 18-28% crude protein
  • Can produce large amounts of biomass
  • Contains our top variety of annual berseem clover. This cultivar traces back to Bigbee

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With early forage production, Super 10 has remarkable potential for providing a high quality, low bloat potential forage, that also improves your soil conditions. It works great as a green manure crop because of its fast growth characteristics and capacity to fix nitrogen in the soil, benefiting the following crop. Super 10 has excellent seedling vigor with most plants establishing large crowns. It is very palatable and is relished by all livestock and wildlife.



Super 10 is an annual legume with oblong leaflets and hollow stems. Growth is upright and has yellowish white flowers.

Field Advantages:

Multiple cuttings for more production. Recovery following cutting is very rapid. Adapted to high temperatures.

Areas of Adaptation:

Well suited for virtually all US states. Super 10 produces best results when grown in medium-loam soils that are slightly alkaline.


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